Birdsong Reminder

by Melanie S

Birdsongs sweetly bathe my soul,
reminding me to live.
They tweet and chirp, my feathered friends,
unaware of the joy they give.
Their songs bring many happy sounds
into the saddest of my days,
reminding me that life is good
and perfect in many ways.
Their melodies and pitches
keep my heart awake.
Like little rays of sunshine,
the sounds of warmth they make.
Sometimes I get so busy
and caught up in my mind.
Their blessed sounds and soulful tweets
are a way to just remind ...
… that life is full of distractions,
within and some without.
Itʼs worth our while to stop and smile,
our busyness to doubt.
I often wonder what they say,
the birds that speak to me.
What are they shouting to the world?
What could their message be?
I long to show my gratitude
for their unending song.
I feed them and I watch them
and appreciate their throng.
The flash of color through my trees,
the sound of chirp and feather,
I see them stop to feed themselves
through season’s change and weather.
I watch them fly and wonder just
how great that skill must be
to glide and soar and feel the wind,
alive and flying free.
This poem is MY birdsong
and I fly with pen and page.
Reminding all to hear the call,
of the bird, our wondrous sage.
We may not know their language
or what their tunes all mean,
but if we stop to listen,
their message we can glean.
From all the things that worry us
and make us lose our sight,
let the reassuring birdsongs
give us strength through day and night.
Letʼs stop to hear the birdsong.
Let us rest in its relief.
Let it bathe us in contentment,
removing all our grief.
Let it be a sweet reminder
to live and love this life,
thatʼs full of sweet melodious sounds
amid the pain and strife.
Letʼs celebrate the birdsongs
and together thank our friends,
who soar and tweet with happy sounds,
their gift that never ends.

Melanie S
Melanie S