The Wake Doesn't Drive the Boat

by Mike R

All of our pasts are likely riddled with imperfections. The past has been, at times, a villainous character in my own narrative. I have spent too much time analyzing it and occasionally playing the victim by blaming it. Sometimes it distracted me from my goals and intended destinations by sabotaging my internal compass.

Years ago, I wrote a poem about perseverance entitled "On the Sea Uncertainty". Through this nautical themed poem, I reflect on the past versus the now with a message of hope in the face of challenge. The poem includes this passage:

"My journey's rich with countless tales of triumph and despair, and when the sun is shining bright, I breathe in life's sweet air."

I suspect a growth opportunity form many of us is learning how to embrace this line of the poem – to enjoy the fresh air right now without lamenting the what-ifs and the whys of the past. To let go of the notion that the past has somehow defined or limited our future choices. Adjustments can be made in plotting a course forward. British writer Alan Watts is credited with an idea that I learned from Dr. Wayne Dyer, who often incorporated the concept into his own messaging:

"The Wake Doesn't Drive the Ship."

Today I encourage all of us to make a conscious choice to shift our mental narrative away from the past, with an eye on the future – the potential that still exists in the journey ahead.

Mike R
Mike R