Strengthen Your Students' Emotional Health

The prevalence of anxiety and depression among children and teens was already on the rise well before the pandemic of 2020. The negative effects of anxiety and depression can occur at any age and schools can play a big role in helping their students develop the coping skills needed to navigate stress.

School administrators and teachers need a framework – something they can easily adopt and include in their annual curriculum. 

Our professional educators have created an easy-to-adopt emotional health learning program based on our Cards for Good Emotional Health content that can be immediately included in your annual curriculum. 

Our Understanding Emotions Workbooks were designed to be self-directed by the student, or to support teacher-led instruction.

Covering the four major emotions happiness, sadness, worry (anxiety) and anger, our workbooks help children understand how to assess and navigate these emotions in a fun way.

Each workbook section covers content designed to help students: 

Want to learn more about adopting our student-centric Cheerful Gear content and capabilities in your emotional health programs? 

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