Our Brand

Cheerful Gear - Whoo's Happy

We originally started this project as a simple t-shirt company that happened to quietly donate a percentage of profits to emotional health related charities. Initially, we called the company Whoo's Happy Cheerful Gear and our wise owl was a guiding force and mascot in the early development of our designs that encouraged a healthy, active lifestyle. 

We rebranded the company in 2020 to a simpler Cheerful Gear in parallel with a big shift in emphasis away being a brand that happened to have a cause, to a full commitment to encouraging emotional health by offering tools and resources to help you live your most joyful, emotionally healthy life. We are now a cause, that happens to also offer merchandise to generate awareness and profits that are donated to emotional health charities. 

Keeping Whoo the owl in some way as we made this big shift in focus was a real priority for us. So, some of our online and limited edition merchandise designs proudly display our happy mascot, Whoo.

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