Perfect Fit Guide

Love Your Tee, now and Forever.

Want to get the absolute perfect fit for your Cheerful Gear Tee? Consider the following:
  1. Different products follow slightly different sizing guidelines. That's why we put a product specific size guide on each product page. Review the size guide under the desired product's description for sizing recommendations.
  2. Products come in different "fit" standards. These standards include fitted, semi-fitted, classic and relaxed. Review the sizing information provided in the desired product's description for details. If, for example, you like a "semi-fitted" design but want a more classic or relaxed fit, consider ordering a larger size.
  3. Tees can shrink through washing and drying. Cheerful Gear products that contain cotton are made from pre-shrunk fabric, but all cotton, even pre-shrunk cotton, may continue to shrink over time when washed and dried. To minimize shrinkage, we recommend washing in cold and hang drying. For tumble drying, we recommend using low heat. If your desired product contains cotton, and you don't want to worry about shrinkage, consider ordering a larger size.
  4. We don't like labels. So don't worry about label size anxiety. Most of our apparel products feature a TearAway label for convenience and comfort. Consult your desired product's description for details.
  5. It's just math.  Here's how we define the product dimensions we reference in our product-specific size guides: