Cards for Good

Encouragement to Strengthen Your Emotional Health and Your Relationships 

Our free online Cards for Good emotional health flashcards can be used as foundational coaching for self-care and to encourage others. They can be used not only for self-care to maintain personal positive emotional health, but also to work through difficult communications and relationship dynamics. 

We developed these cards for daily use to encourage emotionally healthy thought patterns and to tap into those little reminders that can keep us in a positive mental state.

We also developed these cards to be shared when you want to encourage someone with a thoughtful, visual message or when you need a way to convey your own thoughts and feelings. 

We grouped these online cards into the following decks:

Greetings Cards to help you recognize important moments in the lives of your friends and loved ones.

Happiness Cards

Sadness Cards

Worry Cards

Anger Cards

Everyday Behavior Cards that encourage behaviors that are proven to contribute to positive health.

On-demand Activities Cards that encourage activities that are good for emotional health.

Sometimes a simple reminder and words of encouragement are all that is needed to help your find your cheerful gear.

Use the Cards for Good menu to navigate to specific card decks.